Moderator UvA Challenging Session: Remaking Nature

Date(s) - 22/05/2018
19:30 - 21:15

UvA, aula

Remaking Nature: human futures and the reinvention of nature.

Wherever we look, nature is intertwined with human artifice. In this period of unbridled human intervention, some see the grand experiment with mother nature, as all but inevitable; even the taboo against editing human lives is losing force. But should there be limits to this Second Creation, and what value if any still attaches to the concept of nature? During the final Challenging Society Session for this academic year, with the theme ‘Remaking Nature’ on 22 May, renowned scholar Sheila Jasanoff will argue that nature retains power as an ethical and political imaginary. Together with our UvA Rector Karen Maex as Challenger, they will discuss how to shape our future in the best possible way.

I am moderator of this event. For more information about the speakers and tickets click here.